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Join KISG for a timely lecture on intelligence cooperation between the UK and its European partners.

About this event

Hager Ben Jaffel will present key findings from her recent book Anglo-European Intelligence Cooperation: Britain in Europe, Europe in Britain, which examines the European dimension to British security through counter-terrorism intelligence.

This talk explores the security connections between Britain and Europe through the everyday practice of police force representatives, and the way they understand and conduct their work. Dr Ben Jaffel will discuss the alliances and disputes between British security services and political actors in the development of post-Brexit counter-terrorism cooperation. Drawing on extensive fieldwork and new theoretical perspectives, she offers a novel interpretation of the current ‘exit’ negotiations, and the changes to UK-EU security arrangements.

Dr Hager Ben Jaffel is a Research Associate at the National Center for Scientific Research in Paris. Since receiving her PhD at the Department of War Studies, her research has focused on the agenda setting of transdisciplinary and critical approaches in intelligence studies. She also provides expertise to the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE).

Attendees may arrive from 17:00, with the talk due to start at 17:30.