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Call for Nominations: Kjetil Hatle­brekke Memo­r­i­al Book Prize - 2024

At the King’s Centre for the Study of Intelligence (KCSI), we build and share knowledge around global intelligence policies, practices and their impact on government decision-making.

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KCSI spotlight


KCSI Seminar by Gill Bennett

Join us for a fascinating talk with Gill Bennett who was Chief Historian of the Foreign Office from 1995-2005.


Brother’s Keeper: India’s “Secret Wars” and the Lure of Localism


Covert Action: National Approaches to Practicing Unacknowledged Intervention


Spying in South Asia: Britain, the United States and India’s Secret Cold War


KCSI Seminar: Intelligence ecosystems by Antonio Diaz

2024 Kjetil Hatle­brekke Memo­r­i­al Book Prize: Call for Nominations

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