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Call for Nominations: Kjetil Hatle­brekke Memo­r­i­al Book Prize - 2024

The KCSI Seminar is an inclusive forum where leading scholars, practitioners, and commentators meet to discuss their work and ideas, and push the boundaries of intelligence studies.

The programme includes King’s faculty, fellows, and students, as well as external speakers. They present their work to a general audience, invited through the our usual channels.

It takes place fortnightly after business hours, usually in-person at King’s College London (Strand Campus), but occasionally in a hybrid format.

Participants will be invited to supplement their talk with additional content for the King’s Intel website. This could include blogs, research notes, podcasts, posts of recently uncovered documents, or similar. 

Upcoming events

Mon 4th Dec18:30 GMT

KCSI Seminar by Gill Bennett

The Dockrill Room (K6.07), King's Building

Join us for a fascinating talk with Gill Bennett who was Chief Historian of the Foreign Office from 1995-2005.

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Past events

Mon 20th Nov18:30 GMT

KCSI Seminar: Intelligence ecosystems by Antonio Diaz

The Dockrill Room (K6.07), King's Building

Join us for a fascinating talk with our KCSI visiting fellow Antonio Diaz, who will discuss intelligence ecosystems.

Mon 6th Nov18:30 GMT

KCSI Seminar: The Regulation of Intelligence Activities by Sophie Duroy

The Dockrill Room (K6.07), King's Building

Join us for a fascinating talk with Sophie Durroy, who will discuss the regulation of intelligence activities under international law.

Thu 26th Oct18:30 BST

Cracking the Nazi Code: The Untold Story of Canada’s Greatest Spy

K2.40, King's Building

Join us for the Special KCSI Event with Jason Bell who will talk about his recently published book.

Mon 16th Oct18:30 BST

KCSI Seminar: French Intelligence Contribution to Britain's WWII Successes

Room, K2.40 King's Building - King's College London

Join us for the KCSI Seminar with Clément Renault who will discuss French intelligence contribution to Britain's WWII successes

Thu 12th Oct18:30 BST

Special event - A delicate truth: John le Carré, spy fiction & intelligence

K1.28, King's Building

Join us for this special event which assesses John le Carré’s legacy and impact on intelligence and the study of international affairs.

Mon 2nd Oct18:30 BST

KCSI Seminar: ‘US intelligence and special operations' with David Oakley

The Dockrill Room (K6.07), King's Building

Join us for a fascinating talk with David Oakley, who will discuss US intelligence and special operations and much more.

Mon 20th Mar17:00 GMT

The Secret History of the Five Eyes

The Dockrill Room (K6.07), King's Building

In conversation with Richard Kerbaj, author of 'The Secret History of the Five Eyes'

Mon 27th Feb18:30 GMT

Returning from Islamic State: Risk and Response

K1.28, King's Building

KISG hosts Jonathan Hall KC, Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, in discussion with Visiting Professor Moira Andrews

Tue 17th Jan16:30 GMT

Prize-winner's Roundtable: The 2022 Polly Corrigan Book Prize

The Dockrill Room (K6.07), King's Building

Molly Pucci, winner of the 2022 Polly Corrigan Book Prize, and discussants will reflect upon her prize-winning book, 'Security Empire'

Fri 13th Jan14:00 GMT

Lessons Learned from the Russo-Ukrainian War: Chapter One

The Dockrill Room (K6.07), King's Building

Judge Baker's talk will cover military, intelligence, and legal dimensions of the Russo-Ukraine War (so far).

Thu 1st Dec18:00 GMT

Russia's Shadow War Against Ukraine and the West

The Dockrill Room (K6.07), King's Building

Veteran investigative journalists Irina Borogan and Andrei Soldatov assess the impact of the Ukraine war on Putin's intelligence services

Fri 25th Nov15:30 GMT

Book Launch: Estimative Intelligence in European Foreign Policymaking

The Dockrill Room (K6.07), King's Building

Join us for KISG & The European Foreign Policy Research Group's jointly organised book launch, followed by a short drinks reception

Thu 3rd Nov17:30 GMT

'The Psychology of Spies and Spying' with Adrian Furnham & John Taylor

K1.28, King's Building

A launch event to celebrate the release of Prof Adrian Furnham and John Taylor's new book, 'The Psychology of Spies and Spying'

Thu 13th Oct19:30 BST

KISG Welcome Back Drinks!

The Old Bank of England

Join your fellow KISG members for an evening of drinks, directly following Prof Michael Goodman's welcome back lecture

Thu 13th Oct18:00 BST

The Joint Intelligence Committee and Surprise Attack: Lessons from History

Lecture Theatre S-2.23, Strand Building

Professor Michael Goodman delivers KISG's first lecture event of the new year on the role of the Joint Intelligence Committee.

Thu 30th Jun17:00 BST

Private Event: Transformation of the War in Ukraine and Putin's Next Moves

Join us for a KISG closed event on 'The Transformation of the Russian War in Ukraine and What We Can Expect of Putin in the Future'

Wed 25th May15:00 BST

Strategic Advantage in UK Science and Technology

The Dockrill Room (K6.07), King's Building

Join us for this collaborative workshop which will run until 5.30pm, followed by a short drinks reception on site.

Mon 28th Feb15:00 GMT

Humint and National Security: An Opportunity to Rebuild a Neglected Asset?

This webinar will explore the changing environment of HUMINT in support of national security.

Wed 16th Feb17:00 GMT

A Civilian in NATO – in conversation with Barbora Maronkova

In conversation with Barbora Maronkova of NATO’s Policy Planning Unit, we will discuss the various employment opportunities in NATO HQ.

Mon 29th Nov18:30 GMT

In Conversation with Former Senior CIA Officer Doug London

A conversation with Doug London, a retired senior CIA operations officer

Thu 25th Nov8:30 GMT

Need to Know X

King's College London

King’s College London is pleased to host the 2021 ‘Need to Know’ conference.

Tue 16th Nov18:00 GMT


Former US Assist. Sec. of Defense, Dr Paul Stockton, discusses the US’s ability to deter coercive information operations and cyberattacks.

Thu 12th Mar17:30 GMT

Intelligence Assessment and increased public scrutiny

War Studies meeting room, Level 6, King's Building

Join KISG and the KCL Cyber Security Research Group for a talk by Eleanor Fairford, deputy director of intelligence assessment at the NCSC

Wed 11th Mar17:30 GMT

Professionalising assessment: the past, present, and future of PHIA

Anatomy Lecture Theatre, 6th Floor, King's Building, King's College London

A reflective evaluation of the first fifteen years of PHIA's accomplishments, challenges, and future aims and requirements.

Tue 3rd Mar18:30 GMT

CIA and the US Presidency

Edmund J Safra Lecture Theatre, King's Building, King's College London

Join KISG for an evening with the CIA's Chief Historian

Fri 21st Feb10:00 GMT

Study Group on Intelligence

Lecture Theatre 1, Bush House, King's College London

Join us for the next Study Group on Intelligence

Wed 12th Feb17:00 GMT

Psychology and Risk in Humint: The Case of Oleg Gordievsky

Lecture Theatre 2, Bush House South Wing, BH(S) 4.04, King's College London

Join KISG for an exclusive talk about the story of Oleg Gordievsky

Thu 16th Jan17:30 GMT

Counter-terrorism intelligence and UK-EU cooperation

Department of War Studies, Level 6 Meeting Room

Join KISG for a timely lecture on intelligence cooperation between the UK and its European partners.

Tue 14th Jan15:30 GMT

Intelligence Warning - workshop with EU Fusion Cell

Bush House (SE) 1.05, KCL

A select panel of practitioners and academics will be discussing the latest research and trends in intelligence warning

Fri 13th Dec10:45 GMT

Study Group on Intelligence - 25 Years of Intelligence Oversight

RUSI - Royal United Services Institute

This SGI reflects on intelligence oversight in the UK to mark the 25th anniversary of the Parliament’s Intelligence & Security Committee

Wed 4th Dec15:00 GMT

Germany’s Nuclear Intentions, 1955-1966: A Well-Understood Known Unknown

Department of War Studies, Level 6 Meeting Room

KISG invite you to a presentation on intelligence analysis, uncertainty, and nuclear intentions in world politics.

Mon 4th Nov17:30 GMT

Psychology and Intelligence Surprise with Uri Bar-Joseph

Department of War Studies, Level 6 Meeting Room

The KCL Intelligence and Security Group invites you to a presentation on psychology and intelligence surprise with a world-leading expert.

Wed 30th Oct17:30 GMT

Australia's Cold War: Espionage, intrigue, and the emergence of ASIO

Department of War Studies, Level 6 Meeting Room

KISG invite you to a guest lecture by the official historian of Australia's security and signals intelligence agencies.

Fri 3rd May10:45 BST

Cambridge-KCL Intelligence and Peace Symposium

Trinity College, Cambridge

A century on from one of the most important peace treaties in modern times, this symposium will explore the complex relationship between int


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